BRC Unannounced Audit Scheme - White Paper

BRC Unannounced Audit Scheme – White Paper

23 March 2016 Nvolve Group Leave a comment BRC Food Safety Standard

BRC Unannounced Audit White Paper
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BRC Unannounced White Paper

The BRC Unannounced Audit Scheme provides sites the opportunity to prove the success of their quality systems.
The key difference between an announced and unannounced audit is:

  • Standard (Announced) audit – Conducted
    on an agreed date
  • Unannounced – Conducted any time
    within 3 – 12 months


This White Paper covers:

  • Unannounced audit options 1 and 2
  • Grading AA+ through to uncertified
  • Reporting and certification


Included are some charts and timelines to help your site achieve the best outcome from the BRC Unannounced Audit Programme.

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