4 Benefits of a Paperless Workplace

4 Benefits of a Paperless Workplace

8 February 2016 Chris Elliott 2 Comments BRC Audits, Technology

4 benefits of a paperless workplace infographic


The costs associated with a paper-based workplace extends far beyond printing costs. Security, time wasted and and poor practices regarding compliance auditing all amount to ‘holding’ an organisation back.

The benefits of a paperless workplace far outway those of remaining in a paper-based environment.

A study by YouGov indicates that UK businesses waste more than £42.2 million per day looking for documents.


Printing ink cost per ounce


Companies spend up to 3% of revenue on printing.

The costs associated with printing include:

Cost of printing (paper and ink)
The average employee can spend as much as $US1,300 annually on printing. This is due mostly to the high cost of ink cartridges, at nearly 10 times the cost of petrol.

Labour costs
Savings on labour costs includes the time taken to prepare a printed document and photocopying.

Environmental costs
It is important to note the environmental cost associated with printing. A study published by Lexmark found that 17% of of all printing is waste.



Improved document security with cloud-based storage.

File Loss
Paper-based file storage is at greater risk of file-loss or damage through fire and improper use by employees.

Digital systems provide access to historical data, which can be restored if files are lost.

Security Level
Digital solutions enable an organisation to provide different security options for different types of users.



Significant savings in time can be achieved with paperless solutions.

Time Waste
UK businesses waste more than £42.2 million per day looking for documents.

File Reproduction
Digital documents and templates can be duplicated significantly faster than paper-based systems.

Paperless solutions enable organisations to easily search historical training records.



Ease of access to compliance documents for auditing purposes.

Digital solutions give organisations the power to monitor their auditing process more effectively.

React Time
An organisation can easily track their compliance progress and revise documents faster with digital solutions.

Better Prepared
Digital auditing systems enable a business to see their exact compliance rate at anytime, helping them be audit ready everyday.


Download the infographic here – 4 Benefits of a Paperless Workplace (Infographic)

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    Mary February 24, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    I think paperless work has even more benefits, because it really saves time and nerves.

      Chris Elliott February 24, 2016 at 2:39 pm

      Agree on the nerves :)

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